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GSZ Spring Loaded Sprue Plier Arm

SAS Automation, LLC

>SAS< Automation, a leading robotic end-of-arm tooling manufacturer recently introduced the GSZ Spring Loaded Sprue Plier Arm. Compatible with >SAS< GRZ 20-16… Sprue/Part Pliers, this spring loaded arm enables the GRZ to absorb the ejector stroke of the mold. Used when sprues and runner systems do not stay on the ejector pins after ejection from the mold.

Specifications: •Inline spring arm for GRZ 20-16… Part/Sprue Pliers. •End ported for quick- touch pneumatic hose connectors. •Available with clampable shafts (C) and threaded shaft (M). •Threaded shafts include jam nut and lock washers for plate mounting.

Model: GSZ


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