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>SAS< Automation Robotic Tool Changers

SAS Automation, LLC

>SAS< Automation recently introduced a complete line of tool changers that allow EOAT (end-of-arm tooling) and gripper systems to be quickly and accurately mounted to the robot arm.

The tool changers have two separate sides. The robot side (QSR) is permanently attached to the robot arm. The tool side (QST) is permanently attached to each individual EOAT. The EOAT mounts to the robot by fitting the two sides together and then locking them into position. The use of >SAS< tool changers assures perfect positioning each time an EOAT is mounted. This reduces set-up time and the risk of damage to both the EOAT and the mold.

>SAS< tool changers automatically connect multiple ports including air, vacuum, and electric, thereby greatly reducing set-up time. Reliable port connections provide additional safety ensuring that all connections are aligned correctly.

Model: QSR QST


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