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>SAS< Dual Durometer Vacuum Cups

SAS Automation, LLC

>SAS< Automation introduces additional size offerings of Dual Durometer Vacuum Cups >SAS< Automation recently introduced the complete size range of the 2.5 bellows, green & yellow, Dual Durometer vacuum cups for handling difficult to grip parts.

The new vacuum cups are ideal for handling:

•Uneven surfaces •Porous surfaces (corrugated cardboard and paper) •Rough surfaces These cups are manufactured with a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and the wear resistance of polyurethane making them long-lasting.

Significant features:

•Firm bellows and a soft lip make the vacuum cup stable, durable, and flexible with excellent sealing properties •Elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane •Excellent for textured and contoured surfaces •Silicone-free and mark-free

Model: Dual Duromater Cups


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