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>SAS< Sensi Sure Grippers

SAS Automation, LLC

New Sensi-Sure Gripper is an improved design of the popular >SAS< GRZ 10-10 Sprue/Part Plier family that now has jaw closing adjustment – thereby protecting parts from marring. Sensi-Sure Grippers provide an increased sensing range throughout the length of the jaw. The new body design guards the jaw to protect against sprue/part binding. Protect parts better with new >SAS< Sensi-Sure Grippers!

•Set screw adjustment of jaw closing position to adjust to your specific parts. •Integrated jaw screw to allow jaw replacement. •Sensor jaw redesigned to increase sensitivity and broaden the sensing range. “This new gripper is another example of how >SAS< continuously improves our grippers to make them the best choice for all kinds of difficult to handle parts,” said Robert Dalton, General Manager for SAS Automation.

Model: GRZ 10-10


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