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Vacuum Generators - Details - Schmalz X-Pump

Schmalz, Inc.

The compact ejector X-Pump from Schmalz can be used in many different application areas, extending from the manufacture of automobiles (in press shops and assembly), through the processing of plastics and sheet metal, to pick-and-place, assembly and packaging systems. The main advantage of the X-Pump is that the intelligent condition monitoring automatically detects faults and deviations from the prescribed functions. This allows for suitable countermeasures to be initiated before the fault causes damage to the overall system. This increases the process safety and avoids the high costs involved in repairing such damage. The X-Pump is also extremely resistant to dirt and other rough operating conditions. The high suction capacity and powerful blow-off function of the X-Pump permit short cycle times and guarantee economical operation in continuous use. As an added safety measure the pump comes with an optional ‘impulse’ plate that allows the pump to be either NO or NC depending on what mode it was in when power was lost.

Model: SXP



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