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DIGI-LAS/MDL™ Intelligent Laser Welding Head

Servo-Robot Inc.

The Modular DIGI-LAS/MDL instrumented laser joining system integrates two 3D laser-cameras, one digital laser-camera allowing for high-accuracy positioning of the welding laser focal point by automatically compensating for part dimensions and fit-up tolerances. A second 3-D laser-camera enables weld bead inspection while welding is performed as well as real-time process control.


- Capable of welding curved joints and complex 3-D parts with an articulated robot combined with precision high speed actuators. - Automatic validation of weld bead geometry. - Detection of pinholes. - 2D camera for monitoring of the process. - Optional automatic calibration of focal spot position system through vision channels. - Easily integrates with any robot brand or CNC machine.



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