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RoboPal provides Intelligent Hybrid Sensing to Pick and Place Applications

Servo-Robot Inc.

Servo-Robot offers hybrid sensing system for measuring, locating and detecting for robotic pick and place applications. The ROBOPAL Intelligent hybrid sensing system is a non-contact digital part locator and measurement system designed to increase industrial process reliability and to reduce manufacturing costs. ROBOPAL is designed to work hand in hand with robots to cope with unpredictable changes in their working environment and to help them react according to the information measured by the sensors. ROBOPAL brings flexibility to industrial manufacturing processes. Utilizing a dual laser stripe, the system calculates accurate 3-D position and orientation measurements in a single snapshot to reduce the overall measurement process cycle time. ROBOPAL also includes an ultrasonic sensor which has the capability to detect object presence and distance and then provide this information to the robotic system. The control unit is embedded in the laser-camera thus simplifying integration. Also embedded in ROBOPAL is a Web cam to provide video and audio information to a PC via Ethernet for remote human monitoring. Optimum viewing of the work area is achieved via the integrated illumination devices inside ROBOPAL. ROBOPAL is available in 3 models to accommodate your material handling requirements. The system is successfully installed in many facilities across the globe.



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