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EPSON Robots

EPSON CV1 Vision System provides powerful vision tools at a value price. With ultra fast processing and the industry leading EPSON Vision Guide software tool set and development environment, vision guidance applications are faster and easier to develop than ever. At the heart of Vision Guide is the unique object based point and click interface which allows developers to quickly and easily develop applications in hours vs. weeks or longer. No time is wasted writing code to make the robot and vision system communicate and there is no need to learn 2 separate environments and languages (vision + robot) since Vision Guide runs within the EPSON RC+ Robot Development Environment. While easy to use, the CV1 with Vision Guide is also packed with high performance vision tools designed to help solve the toughest of vision related applications. The EPSON CV1 vision system has a high speed Ethernet interface and works with any of our 3 powerful robot controllers (RC90, RC180 or PC Based RC620+) once again giving you the power of choice to select the right controller for your application. With support for up to 2 cameras, both 640x480 and 1280x1024 camera resolutions are available. Cameras can be mounted as fixed or mobile configurations and high flex cables are included as standard equipment. Only the EPSON CV1 provides powerful vision guidance solutions at an incredible value based price.

Model: EPSON CV1



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