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GEP9000 2-Jaw Electric Parallel Gripper

Sommer Automatic Inc.

Introducing Sommer-automatic’s new electric parallel gripper, specifically designed with economy and energy efficiency in mind. The gripper offers integrated control and position sensing with an outstanding price/performance ratio and lightning fast operating speeds. The new GEP9000 parallel ‘impulse’ gripper works with short current pulses which means that current is only given to the jaws during their 20 milliseconds of movement. In open or closed condition, the gripper is current-less and does not consume any energy, making the gripper ideal for automation tasks where short cycle times and low energy consumption is required. Integrated position sensing via. the Hall-Sensor provides reliable information about the present status of the gripper and contributes considerably to a high process reliability. Equipped with integrated control, the GEP9000 impulse gripper is completely plug & play. Just connect the 24V current supply and control cable to get up and running in minutes! Unlike pneumatic systems, electrical driven components like the impulse gripper do not need the additional complexities involved with pneumatics. Compressors, pressure valves and tubing systems come at a high operating cost that is eliminated with an electrical system.

Model: GEP9000



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