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AMT Advantage

Applied Manufacturing Technologies

AMT is unique among engineering companies. We’re focused on manufacturing – specifically robots in manufacturing. This focus has enabled us to become the biggest independent automation engineering company in North America. There are three key components to the AMT Advantage: 7 Core Technologies Under One Roof When it comes to automation engineering, more IS better. AMT has built world class expertise in the 7 core technologies that drive success in factory automation. From simulation for concept cell layouts to a professional training department to transfer knowledge to skilled trade operators, we have the engineering horsepower to answer all the questions, deal with all the issues, and resolve the problems. More IS better – one point of contact, full engineering responsibility, capacity to take an engineering project from concept to reality. Ultimately we deliver lower costs, tighter schedules and reduced risk. AMT’s Integrated Engineering Approach Having all the pieces gets us in the game, but how we put them together drives our real value. Eighteen years and 20,000 robots have left us with a clear understanding of how a project flows, and where the best practices really are. Integrated Engineering from AMT means we leverage all engineering disciplines to a common advantage. For example, simulation drives the cell layout and robot selection, then validates the mechanical designs for tooling and fixturing. Mechanical design feeds the controls requirements, then leverages simulation to optimize physical safety processes. Controls sets the cell logic, then feeds data to simulation for off-line-programming. We deliver this unique approach with cross trained teams of professionals like no others in the industry. Talk to an AMT simulation engineer, and you might find 5 years of experience programming robots on the plant floor. Talk to a robot engineer doing start up and you might find a mechanical designer. We hire the best, and continue to invest in cross training throughout their AMT careers. Service Levels to Match Client’s Business Needs In the end, the decision to engage an external engineering resource is driven by a business case. AMT is unique in our ability to support our clients at any point in their project cycle, with resources that match any business situation. We do this with 4 distinct service models:

Model: Integrated Engineering Services



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