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ES-Series Spot Welding Robots

Yaskawa Motoman

Motoman’s six-axis “Expert Spot” welding robots feature fully integrated software and a revolutionary design that routes servo gun cables and utilities through the robot’s upper arm. Restrictions imposed by process equipment are removed, and interference caused by the spot weld dress-out package is eliminated. Cable life span is six or more times longer than that of traditional cables. Plus, Motoman offers the industry’s first one-year spot harness warranty. ES-series robots optimize spot welding performance and offer an expanded work envelope, the highest speed in their class, industry-leading cable durability, wider working envelope, and integrated software for spot welding guns with servo-motor drives. The ES165D has a 165-kg. (363.8 lb.) payload, and the ES200D has a 200-kg. (441 lb.) payload. Both six-axis robots feature a 2,651-mm (104.4 in.) reach and a repeatability of ±0.2 mm (±0.008 in.) The work envelope extends behind the body, allowing tools to be placed behind the robot and providing easy access to the weld guns for maintenance. The ES165D and ES200D robots are controlled by Motoman’s high-performance DX100 robot controller. One DX100 can control up to 72 axes, including eight robots with servo guns. Additionally, using Multiple Robot Control, these robots can perform synchronous transfer of a large part, such as an auto body, to the next station using all four robots to lift and carry at the same time.

Model: ES165D, ES165RD, ES200D, ES200RD, ES280D



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