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RX170HSM Machining Robot

Stäubli Robotics

RX170HSM (High Speed Machining) robot with integrated high speed spindle

The RX170HSM robot is well-suited for many applications: finishing, die trimming, modeling, drilling, tapping, deburring, contouring, weld bead machining …) on many types of materials: aluminum, stainless steel, composites, resins, wood, glass, brass …)

Main features and benefits:

• Wrist with specific casting • Designed for integration of the high speed spindle into the forearm for improved rigidity and precision as well as reduced slanting. • All cables run inside the arm • To control the high speed spindle including electrical supply, cooling and micro-lubrication. • 1835 mm reach • Enclosed structure • Pressurizable arm • Possibility to quickly replace the high spindle head • High speed spindle management interface integrated in robot controller • Possibility to upload CAD files

Number of degrees of freedom - 5

Nominal load capacity - 60 kg

Maximum load capacity* - 65 kg

Reach at wrist - 1835 mm

Repeatability - ±0,04 mm

Protection class - IP65

Attachment methods - Floor

Stäubli CS8 series controller - CS8

* Under specific configuration, consult Stäubli A selection of 3 high speed spindles is available

Model: RX170HSM


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