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TX90 Robots

Stäubli Robotics

TX90 / TX90L / TX90XL Articulated arm with 6 degrees of freedom for high flexibility Spherical work envelope: maximum utilization of cell workspace Floor, wall and ceiling mount Textured or smooth finish, standard RAL 1028 (yellow) or specific RAL color High speed, high resolution servos with absolute calibration. Patented JCM Zero Backlash Drive for ultimate rigidity, speed and precision. Fully enclosed structure, (IP65 – IP67) ideal for harsh environment applications. Internal wiring harness for EOAT tooling Two internal electronically controlled pneumatic valves Designed to deliver the fastest cycle time available

TX90 15.43 lb / 7 kg nominal payload (44.09 lb / 20 kg maximum payload) 39.3 Inch maximum reach (1000mm) +/- .0011 inch repeatability (0.03mm) Manipulator arm manual

TX90L 13.23 lb / 6 kg nominal payload (33.07 lb / 15 kg maximum payload) 47.3 Inch maximum reach (1200mm) +/- .0014 Inch repeatability (0.035mm) Manipulator arm manual

TX90XL 11 lb / 5 kg nominal payload (26.5 lb / 12 kg maximum payload) 57.1 Inch maximum reach (1450mm) +/- .0016 inch repeatability (0.04mm) Manipulator arm manual

Model: TX90 Series


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