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Safety Edges For Emergency Shutdown and Sensing

Tapeswitch Corporation

The Integrated Safety Edge Control System With Programmable PCU Safety Controller

Tapeswitch Corporation recently Launched The New PCU Programmable Safety Controller, which will further expand its safety edge control systems with programmable logic control functions and multiple device machine safety system integration .

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures complete lines of safety control edges for emergency stops on most types of machinery and guards on mobile machinery that actuate machine shutdown. Safety control edges are available in many different profiles, actuation forces, front and side activations, and custom manufacture multiple edge systems to application specifications.

Tapeswitch Corporation releases the NEW PCU programmable safety controller that further extends robust safety system capabilities to include multiple safety product systems integration, programmable logic control functions and software. The PCU offers a fully integrated safety system solution that unifies the programming of all safety products, such as safety switch mats, edges, bumpers, switches, non-contact interlocks, laser scanners, light curtains, two hand controls, photocells, emergency stops, hand grip switches, encoders and proximities for safety speed control etc. into one multiple safety product solution.

The NEW PCU SYSTEM is available in expandable configurations of the following components as applicable to the particular machine safety system requirements, which is centered around the main standalone unit, the PCU/1, configured from PC through a USB interface using the PSD software and the PCUEU/1 (for 12 input, 8 test output) input expansion units for its 4 wire safety device products. The system is capable of multiple product safety integration and programmable logic control functions, such as fieldbus input/output, fieldbus probe output, 4 different types of muting, muting override, guard lock functions, memory operators, counter operations, timer operator, logical operators, and more.

The PCU safety controller meets SIL 3 (IEC 61508), SIL CL 3 (EN 62061), PLe (ISO/EN 13849-1) and Category 4 (ISO/EN 13849-1) machine safety requirements and is CE, UL and cUL certified.

The system is further expandable depending on your full safety system solution with additional available system components including options for PCU8I2/1 I/O (for 8 inputs / 2 double OSSD), PCU8IE/1 (for 8 inputs), PCU16IE/1 (for 16 inputs) input expansion units the PCU2E/1 (for 2 double OSSD) and PCU4E/1 (for 4 double OSSD) output expansion units; and the in PCU2SR/1 (for 2 relays) and PCU4SR/1 (4 relays) as safety (guided contact) relay modules; The additional fieldbus integration expansion units for diagnostics and data communication, including The PCUBUS/1 (Profibus DP), PCUCI/1 (CANopen), PCUDNI/1 (DeviceNET), PCUECI/1 (Ethernet), PCUUSB/1 (USB) and accessory options, such as the PCUMCM/1 external configuration memory, PCUECI/1 connector for 5-way communication, PCUCUSBC.1 USB cable for connection to PC.

Model: TS-47 Safety Edge


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