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Tapeswitch: New Mini, CAT 3 Safety Laser Scanner For Robot Guarding

Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation is now offering a programmable (PC-based), miniature, CAT 3 SIL2, PLd, Laser Class 1, Type 3 safety laser scanner for simple through complex robotic guarding applications.

Simple To Complex Laser Scanner Robot Guarding Solution:

The safety laser scanner and PC-based configuration software configures versatile machine guarding scenarios with 2 warning ranges, 1 protective (safety) range, and the capability of handling up to 16 pattern configurations/48 zones. The safety laser scanner meets Laser Class 1, Type 3, CAT 3 SIL2 PLd (ISO 13849-1, UL508, UL1998, IEC61508).

Features and Benefits:

• Small, compact, lightweight

• Type 3 (IEC61496-1/3, UL61496-1), CAT 3 SIL2 PLd (ISO 13849-1)

• Able to Store 16 pattern combinations/up to 48 zones for complex machine guarding scenarios

• Equipped with Beginner mode, Easy Set-up for Flexible Configuration, and Auto-setting Zone.

• Muting/Disabled Zone Configurations

• Reference Boundary Feature - Detection Variation for Reference Points.

• Current Operation Status and Real-time Detection Status With 7 segment display shows currently selected area number and error number

Programmable Safety Laser Scanner Software Features:

The pc-based software is equipped with an easy to use beginner mode, teaching mode, flexible configuration of the protection zone and warning zone, muting, reference boundary features, and disable zone configurations capabilities, making for a versatile, competitive, and cost effective unit for simple through complex machine guarding applications. Tapeswitch Corporation’s strategy is to provide a cost effective, versatile machine guarding solution to machine builders and users, further complementing their machine safety/guarding product line.

For Safety Laser Scanner Specifications, visit www.tapeswitch.com/contact 1-800-234-8273 /sales@tapeswitch.com

Model: Safety Laser Scanner



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