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Automatic Tool Changers

RAD - The Robotic Accessories Leader

RAD’s Automatic Tool Changers save you money by enabling your robot to automatically change tools - eliminating the labor intensive and non-productive downtime associated with tool changeover. RAD’s AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGERS OFFER: *FLEXIBILITY - the ability to use more than one end-effector in an application *PEACE OF MIND – a fail-safe locking mechanism prevents master and tool plate separation if air pressure is lost *QUICK CHANGE OVER - production lines switched in minutes rather than hours *UPTIME - tools requiring maintenance or repair changed out in seconds to keep the production line up and running *SAFETY– tools are exchanged without operator intervention *PASS-THROUGH UTILITIES - e.g. electrical signals, air, water, etc. from robot to tool OPERATING PRINCIPLE The master plate, installed on the robot arm, locks to the tool plate with a pneumatically-driven locking mechanism. Air pressure must be applied to the unlocking port to release the tool plate thus preventing master and tool plate separation if air pressure is lost. Gravity is used to separate the master from the tool plate. Can also be used on CNC machines, gantry systems, and pick & place devices



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