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TOUGH GUN™ ThruArm™ Series Robotic MIG Guns


Tregaskiss has introduced its latest air-cooled robotic MIG gun -- the TOUGH GUN ThruArm Series featuring the patent-pending LSR (Low-Stress Robotic) Unicable Technology.

This new robotic MIG gun feeds through the arm of the robot and incorporates a unique unicable that offers 360 degrees of continuous rotation.

Designed specifically to minimize downtime and improve welding performance on today’s through-arm robotic welding systems, the TOUGH GUN ThruArm Series with LSR Unicable is available as a complete package (from the feeder to the contact tip) for both clutch and solid-mount robotic systems including those by Fanuc, OTC Daihen, ABB and Motoman.

The LSR Unicables are also available separately for replacement should they become worn, and they can be installed on through-arm robots featuring other select brands of air-cooled robotic MIG guns.

At 100% duty cycle*, the TOUGH GUN ThruArm Series and LSR Unicables provide 500 amps air-cooled capacity with CO2 and 350 amps with mixed gases.

*Ratings are based on tests that comply with IEC 60974-7 standards.



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