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Tregaskiss™ QUICK LOAD™ Liner AutoLength™ System


The QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System from Tregaskiss is designed specifically to minimize downtime, wire feeding and quality issues commonly associated with welding liners that are too short.

Housed inside the power pin, this spring-loaded module allows for up to one-inch forgiveness if the liner is too short by applying constant forward pressure on the liner, keeping it seated properly in the retaining head. This new technology decreases burn-backs caused by misalignment between the liner and the contact tip and improves wire feedability.

The QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System is designed exclusively for use with QUICK LOAD Liners and is available for Tregaskiss™ TOUGH GUN™ Robotic and Automatic MIG Guns as well as Bernard™ T-Gun™ Semi-Automatic MIG Guns (formerly the Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN Semi-Automatic Series).



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