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Autonomy - Automated Robot Programming

Universal Robotics

Universal Robotics® Autonomy is automated robot programming software. It significantly reduces teach pendent-based programming time by automating the process of creating jobs. The software can work with any robot from any manufacturer. All the software requires is an accurate CAD model of the robot. The programmer loads a CAD model of the robot, end-of-arm tool, workspace, and the part to be handled into the Windows-based software, and Autonomy automatically generates the job file to be loaded onto the robot controller. The process eliminates hours of teach pendent programming. Autonomy will ensure that the job created will avoid self-collisions and collision with any of the specified obstacles. Modify robot jobs, and switch jobs between different robots quickly and easily. It automatically generates inverse kinematics of the joint angles, as well as provides dynamic real-time collision avoidance between robot arms, peripheral devices, and tools/gripper. It has high-speed response up to 500 Hz with dual-arm robots up to 17 axes. It generates a geometric model and creates a motion schema of the robot, system, and environment for testing, which can then be directly translated into motor control of the robot.

Universal Robotics is an artificial intelligence software company that uses sensor input to enable machines to see, react, and learn with human-like flexibility.  Universal integrates 3D sensing, machine learning, and robotics through a highly adaptable software platform, which works with any machine and any sensor.  The platform consists of modules that are grouped into products: intelligence (Neocortex), 3D sensing (Spatial Vision), and machine control (Autonomy). These products integrate into complete applications or function independently for implementation by Universal, integrators or end users.   For more information, go to www.universalrobotics.com

Model: U4100A



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