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Spatial Vision Robotics

Universal Robotics

The Spatial Vision Robotics (SVR) product delivers true 3D object recognition and machine vision guidance. It locates objects, boxes, cases, and parts and provides 3D position (X,Y,Z) and pose (Rx,Ry,Rz) for real-time guidance of robots and machines.

Spatial Vision Robotics leverages a wide range of 2D, 2½D, and 3D sensing - such as single cameras, multiple cameras, structured light, lasers, time-of-flight, and infrared to provide real-time vision guidance up to 6 degrees of freedom for robotic and machine control.

Universal’s products group by elements of sensory-motor interaction: Intelligence (Neocortex™), Sensing (Spatial Vision™), and Motor Control (Autonomy). Products integrate into complete applications or function independently, and are hardware agnostic. For example, Spatial Vision without motor control provides real-time 3D inspection, Neocortex yields data or process insight, and Autonomy can be used as an automated robot programmer.

Model: U2155A


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