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Arc-Scan Laser Weld Inspection System for Automated Arc Welding Processes

Servo-Robot Inc.

Pressure is on all manufacturers to simultaneously improve their productivity and quality while also increasing flexibility. Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing both encourage this by first bringing your process under control and removing non-value added steps. The WeldSure process monitoring and measurement system can provide valuable information to optimize your welding while immediately full-proofing the welding operations so no substandard products leave your plant. The system can be used in every stage of the production cycle from early prototyping when the initial part fit-up is determined onto initial production when initial process capability is established right through to full production. Features: • Allows for 100% measurement of parts produced; • Acquisition frequency rate > 300hz; • User friendly equals a short learning curve; • Ability to monitor the arc welding process to facilitate true process control and continuous improvement; • Ability to check fit-up and part location in real time and report it in go/no-go or trending format; • Eliminates or reduces manual inspection which is inefficient and costly; • Permanent record is available for every weld and part produced; • Inspection results can be reported graphically and be linked.



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