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Recognition Robotics Inc.

Recognition Robotics is delighted to reveal a quantum leap in the application of robotic guidance with the introduction of Robeye®. Powered by Recognition Robotics’ CortexRecognition® algorithm suite, Robeye® gives industrial robots the ability to recognize objects and perform “eye-hand coordinated movements”. Robeye® incorporates CortexRecognition® algorithms into a complete industrial robotic guidance package. This revolutionary system breaks the historic paradigms of machine vision and incorporates our latest patented advances in visual recognition and visual guidance technology. Robeye® can be used in a number of different applications which allow its users to complete robotic guidance or recognition tasks with a level of ease and accuracy which have never before been possible. Robeye® uses standard hardware components to make the system the easiest system to use on the market today. With NO CALIBRATION and only a single 2D camera, the CortexRecognition® algorithms can recognize an object by a single image and send the relative 6D (X,Y,Z,RX,RY,RZ) coordinate position data to any robot capable of accepting an offset via RS232 or TCP/IP protocols. The Robeye® guidance package simplifies the machine vision genre to its simplest form. VISUAL RECOGNITION



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