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Visual Components Simulation Suite

Visual Components North America Group

Visual Components, a pioneer in 3D factory simulation solutions and a leading global provider of a powerful suite of simulation software, has taken the science of Digital Manufacturing to the next level with the introduction of their newest and most dynamic simulation software: 3DAutomate® for offline-programming and virtual commissioning. The simulation suite currently consisting of four products: 3DCreate to author components, 3DSimulate for analysis and statistics, 3DRealize for sales and marketing and 3DRealize R for specific robot programming. 3DAutomate® is a simulation tool that is affordable and easy to use by SMBs, SMEs and OEMs with or without a PLM business environment. This simulation solution is powerful and feature-packed, and above all, cost-effective. The simulation tool can be used by production engineers and manufacturing management, and doesn’t require specialized skills, extensive training or software programming knowledge. Modeling and simulating robotics and material flow with human resources on one platform using plug-and-play, drag-and-drop component libraries allows complete factory floor setup validation for improved productivity. The created simulation layouts can be shared for collaboration with vendors and clients alike using our unique 3DPDF format that provides the typical view manipulation but also includes motion and material flow. This feature uses the global universality of the PDF format to allow simulation creators to share dynamic layouts over the internet and via email from within. 3DAutomate® can help manufacturers build a more efficient, lean factory and optimize manufacturing processes toward maintaining a Sustainable business model.

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