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HP20D-A80 Robot

Yaskawa Motoman

The new 6-axis HP20D-A80 robot features high-precision drives on major axes and is designed for high-accuracy cutting and dispensing applications. Formcut software automatically generates the ideal path to cut out shapes based on user-specified geometry. Circle, rectangle, ellipse, pentagon and hexagon shapes are supported with easy definition of shape size and rotation from a single programmed point.

Path accuracy of the HP20D-A80 is similar to the larger MC2000 robot, and can be within 0.1 mm depending on the application. The robot has a 20 kg (44.1 lb) payload and offers a 1,717 mm (80.2”) horizontal reach, a 3,063 mm (120.6”) vertical reach with a ±0.06 mm (0.002”) repeatability.

Proportional analog generates a control signal corresponding to the speed of the robot. When used with dispensing equipment flow controls, a uniform bead is produced on contoured parts. The signal is available as an analog voltage or on a fieldbus network.



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