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MedWeld 6000 Spot Welding Timer

Yaskawa Motoman

A digital programming interface is available for spot welding applications that use a MedWeld 6000 spot timer along with MotomanĀ® robots with DX100 controller(s). The low-cost interface includes both sequencing and programming functionality from the DX100 controller. During production, the timer is sequenced by I/O signals communicated via a digital network (DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP). INFORM III spot welding commands in the robot program will select weld schedules, initiate the welding cycle and wait for the timer to complete the weld. The digital interface also provides the ability to program and monitor information from the MedWeld 6000 timer via a teach pendant application and Ethernet connection to the timer. Windows with pull-down menus on the teach pendant are used to Medar instructions into programs on the timer. As instructions are inserted, spaces are provided for entering parameter values. Stepper files are also supported, along with weld monitoring diagnostics. Up to 255 weld programs are supported for each timer, and up to four timers can be networked with a multiple robot controller. The MedWeld 6000 timer communicates critical sequencing instructions with the robot using an industrial digital network. Yaskawa Motoman supports either DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP communication boards which can be networked with up to four timers from a single controller.

Model: MedWeld 6000



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