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Yaskawa Motoman

PerfectEdge™ is a complete, full robotic solution that meets the challenges of tight tolerance chamfering, deburring and finishing processes, while offering a non-touch method of programming via menu-driven material removal software. Designed in collaboration with Arrow Gear, it includes a six-axis Motoman® DX1350D industrial robot and a precision indexer with hollow chuck controlled by a Yaskawa Sigma-5 servo motor for fixturing shafted gears.

The cell has an eight-slot protected tool holder and an Alfred Jaeger spindle. PerfectEdge has the capacity to process 20 inch diameter by 10 inch cylindrical parts. Designed on a common base with fork pockets, PerfectEdge can easily be deployed or relocated.

The PerfectEdge cell features a polycarbonate and aluminum full safety enclosure with electrically interlocked access doors. A particle and fume extraction system is included, making PerfectEdge easy to connect to an air handling system. Repetitive stress injuries and operator fatigue are eliminated, reducing scrap rates and improving safety.

Model: PerfectEdge


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