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SIA-Series Robots

Yaskawa Motoman

Motoman's SIA-Series (slim, in-line arm) robots feature a revolutionary 7-axis design with best-in-class wrist performance characteristics that enables amazing freedom of movement, coupled with the ability to maneuver in very tight areas. Short axis lengths and extreme motion flexibility allow the slim manipulator to be positioned out of the normal working area without limiting the motion range of any axis. It can straighten vertically to take up approximately one square foot of floorspace.

The agile, versatile SIA-series robots open up a wide range of industrial applications to robots and are ideal for assembly, injection molding, inspection, machine tending and a host of other operations. Models feature payloads from 5-50 kg.

SIA5F, SIA10F and SIA20F models are compatible with the FS100 controller.

The SIA20D model is compatible with the MLX100 Robot Gateway.

SIA5D - SIA50D are compatible with the DX100 controller.

Model: SIA5F - SIA20F;SIA5D - SIA50D


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