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Pneumatic Collision Sensor - The High-Angle Ultimatic™

RAD - The Robotic Accessories Leader

The High-Angle Ultimatic™ Pneumatic Collision Sensor maximizes uptime and, with a repeatability of 0.0005” (0.013mm), ensures that the final output still meets your exacting product quality standards - even after a crash. The High-Angle Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor is RAD’s patented mechanical collision sensor that: *STOPS the robot within 2 to 10ms of a collision to minimize costly damage to the robot and/or tooling. RAD’s collision sensor provides protection even if the robot itself is not moving. *OFFERS A FULL 13 DEGREES of angular compliance - 63% more than the original Ultimatic™ model *ABSORBS the crash energy without releasing the air pressure in the unit thus preventing tooling ‘sag’ and eliminating the effects of compressed air being released into the environment. *AUTOMATICALLY RESETS to within ± 0.0005” (0.013mm) in x, y, and z dimensions and to within ± 0.017 degrees rotationally to maximize uptime and eliminate the need for human intervention. *Allows pneumatic adjustment so the user can easily change the amount of resistance the unit must encounter before signaling a collision. *Has a compliance adjustment feature that lets the user determine the amount of deflection allowed before a signal is sent to your robot’s E-stop or controller. OPERATING PRINCIPLE RAD’s High-Angle Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor works by establishing the minimal points of contact required to restrain all degrees of freedom (movement) in normal operation. When a collision occurs, external forces upset this balance thereby allowing angular, rotational, or compressive compliance. This motion opens a normally closed switch and sends a signal to your robot’s E-stop or controller. Note: The High-Angle Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor can be used as a compliance (alignment) device by installing the unit without connecting the sensor switch.



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