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Parallel Gripper - High Moment Applications

RAD - The Robotic Accessories Leader

RAD’s High Moment Pneumatic Parallel Gripper is designed for applications that apply extreme stress to the gripper (e.g. those applications that impart high acceleration to heavy objects or require extremely long, precisely positioned jaws). RAD’s High Moment Parallel Gripper offers: *gripping force in excess of 2500N (560 lbs) *jaw torque up to 550N-m (405 ft-lbs) *2 jaw parallel motion *a ceramic bearing system to isolate the precision jaw positioning system from jaw torque and force *accuracy - utilizes independent force and synchronization systems to assure precision *an average 10 million+ cycle life *compact size and minimal weight OPERATING PRINCIPLE On the RAD High Moment Parallel Gripper the gripping force is provided through two pneumatic pistons and the synchronization is provided through a double helix that centers the part to ±0.001” (±0.025 mm). RAD’s High Moment Parallel Gripper uses a linear bearing system with ceramic bearings to minimize weight and size. The torque and force capabilities are maintained over the life of the gripper due to the length of the bearing surface over which the loads are distributed.

Model: PX-S-2200-200



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