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Toshiba Machine Co., America

TH650A with TS2100 Controller (Arm length 650mm, Max Payload 10kg) As an industry first for SCARA, highly rigid gears were introduced in each axis for these models, having been well-received in 6-axis robots. Compared to harmonic gears, these highly rigid gears have better acceleration and deceleration, and a longer life span, and are easier to maintain. Both arms are made from aluminum casting to provide the rigid construction. The deflection on the TH650A is only 0.2mm with the maximum payload. The vertical vibration resulting from the rebound when heavier material is handled has been minimized. The labyrinthine structure in each axis protects the inside from dust and protects the ingress of any external intrusion material. The internal wiring system of the SCARA eliminates the problem of dust in the cable duct, making it ideal for clean-room specifications. Clean-room specification, IP65 (waterproof design), ceiling-mount design and protective bellows for the Z-axis are among the options available. These models are widely used in various industries such as food, medical, machine manufacturing, plastics and material handling for better productivity and reducing labor costs. The deflection when handling the maximum payload on both the TH850A and the TH1050A with the rigid arm is less than 1mm. With their longer arm length and maximum payload of 20kg, they are perfect for various production lines and large material handling.

Model: TH650A



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