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SMART Robots

Comau LLC

Comau Robotics supply a completely new series of robot from 6 to 800 kg of payload, designed with reduced footprint, large work envelope, high precision of movement and positioning, greater reliability and low maintenance costs. Low/medium Payloads
Comau Robotics has developed the SMART SiX SMART NS and SMART NM families, with payloads from 6 to 45 kg, models typically catering for arc-welding, machine tool tending, assembly, manipulating, sealing and polishing. These robot families feature high repeatability (up to 0.05 mm) and suit all the applications requiring the highest speed and precision. High Payloads
The ten models of the SMART NH family, with a payload from 130 to 220 kg, represent the state of the art in mechanical design, offering top performance in terms of speed, robustness, and precision. The innovative but long established "hollow wrist" technology has been further enhanced on the three SMART NH4 models of this family: their entire welding dressing is housed in the forearm rather than externally, as in conventional robots.This solution guarantees an unequalled level of performance and of saving maintenance costs allowing 100% “off-line“ robot programming. SMART NJ robot family, with a payload from 110 to 130 kg, features a light, fast and stiff structure and the possibility of floor and ceiling installation position. Heavy Duty
Another new model of Comau robot range is the SMART NJ family with the best ratio on the market between max payload up to 370 kg and reach of 2.7 meters with a floor space-saving base. Thanks to its features this robot can operate with a wide working area and can be used for several applications like: handling and machining operations in foundry industry, spot welding, polishing grinding and deburring, heavy duty palletizing and picking up operations. SMART NJ 500 boasting a payload up to 500 kg thus maintaining unchanged the articulated parallelogram structure of the NJ family. One of the strongest family of robots in the world has also been renewed. The SMART NX1 and SMART NX2 models, feature a payload of up to 800 kg and a reach of more than 3.8 m.



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