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>SAS< Fork Palletizing Gripper

SAS Automation, LLC

>SAS< Automation recently introduced a Fork Tool for handling a wide variety of containers from oversized heavy bags to open-top containers. Bags and other containers made of Kraft paper, polycarbonate, PVC coated, woven mesh, cotton are easily handled by this EOAT. Retracting Fork-style EOATs are ideal for handling trays, totes, open-top containers, closed-top containers and other difficult to palletize containers that must be picked-up from the bottom. Significant features: •This tool uses 11.1 mm (7/16") diameter solid stainless steel fingers for strength, long-lasting durability, and ability to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. •Stroking forks designed to pick product from a roller conveyor. •One to three bag infeed conveyor(s) •Forks retract through a stationary stripper plate and product is placed on the pallet. •Single bags, multiple bags, or cases may be lifted at one time. •Tool can be used to pick and place a pallet •Slip sheet option available •Load building station •Full load discharge conveyor •Safety Guarding •Automatic pallet dispenser •Control panel •Reduces direct labor costs and improves safety by reducing lifting and repetitive motion injuries

Model: EOAT



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