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Universal Robotics

Universal’s patented Neocortex™, provides intelligence for operational analysis or flexible machine control in chaotic environments, enabling identification of task patterns and manipulation of never-before-seen objects. It is unlike any other technology. The software is independent of any hardware, allowing it be used for a host of applications from data analysis to robot and motor control. It uses sensor information to discover multi-dimension patterns in dynamic environments. Those patterns are analyzed to understand complexity and improve process for a range of tasks. Logistics encounters unexpected situations that Neocortex can manage. A pallet full of cases may arrive on the dock damaged, wet, leaning, or loose. A worker picks up a box, and the bottom falls out. Increased randomness requires intelligence that can both adapt to changes as well as react to unanticipated events. Neocortex also recognizes complex objects and can identify them in random locations, increasing flexibility. Neocortex is able to move boxes it has never seen before, learning on the fly, in dynamic and changing environments. As a data analysis tool, Neocortex is used for supply chain and manufacturing throughput analysis. The entire material flow can be analyzed to look for improvements. Both existing automated and manual activities can be analyzed for maximum efficiencies. To improve productivity of manual labor, it provides the employee additional information which they cannot perceive on their own.

Model: U7000A



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