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Faulhaber 2232SR a Powerful Motor / Encoder Combo


Introducing the 2232 ... SR series – MICROMO has added another powerful drive to its range of DC micromotors with integrated encoder. The motor, featuring a diameter of 22 mm, a length of 32 mm and an NdFeB magnet, boasts an exceptionally high constant torque of 10 mNm. With an output power of over 9 watts, it is particularly well suited to demanding applications. What's more, because of its precious metal commutation, it can also be used for the extremely low starting voltages. The IE2 series magnetic encoder integrated into the miniature motor is insensitive to dust, dirt or light incidence – and adds a mere 1.4 mm to the overall length of the motor. This cutting-edge solution offers two quadrature signals (90° phase shift) and up to 512 pulses per revolution per channel, thus combining the world's highest resolution with the smallest footprint for motors equipped with magnetic encoders. The addition of an extensive range of FAULHABER components, such as plastic or metal planetary gearheads and spur gearheads, particularly with 22 mm diameter, enables versatile combinations of compact and efficient drive systems for the most diverse positioning tasks.

Model: 2232SR



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