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Online Programmable Logic Controllers Technician Certificate Training

George Brown College

Our Programmable Logic Controllers Technician programs provide a complete technical introduction to PLCs, while giving you the practical knowledge and skills that you need to take to work and apply right away. We offer two PLC Certificates. The PLC Technician Certificate provides a basic introduction to PLCs in manufacturing, and includes LogixPro our lab simulator for RSLogix 500 and SLC 500 series PLC software. The PLC Technician II Certificate introduces similar PLC theory and applications but covers advanced programming content and applications, based on PLCLogix, our advanced PLC simulator. PLCLogix emulates the Rockwell Logix 5000 series PLC control software. Both programs present nineteen modules of interactive curriculum using text, video, 2D and 3D animations, photos, audio clips and interactive PLC simulations. Pre-tests, interactive exercises, sample exams, and online support prepare you for computer-based final exams. The average completion time of the nineteen training modules is thirty-two weeks of part-time study. A student who has completed the PLC training will be able to use programmable logic controllers to solve machine and process problems. A systems approach to PLC programming training is used because the programmable logic controller is one major component of larger manufacturing systems. The PLC Technician program uses a combination of hands-on exercises, practical applications, and case studies. Our self-paced, computer-based, distance education format allows you to complete these programs, at home or at work, on your schedule, not ours. Average completion time is 32 weeks. All you need is the program disk, an internet connection and the desire to learn. No expensive books or lab equipment are required. We provide you with immediate technical and training support when you ask but leave the scheduling of studying and completion time up to you PLC training is offered from George Brown College a fully accredited college, and world-leader in Distance Education. For information and a free Information package call 1-888-553-5333.



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