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Harmonic Planetary® Gearhead

Harmonic Drive LLC

Building a high precision actuator is easily achieved by coupling any servomotor to one of our precision Quick Connect™ gearheads. The thin wall flexible gear technology used for HarmonicDrive® gearing is applied to the internal gear of our planetary gear speed reducers. It allows the internal gear to deform elastically thus maintaining low backlash for the life of the gearhead, without the need for adjustment.
Planetary gears have simultaneous meshing between the sun gear and planet gears and between the planet gears and the internal gear. Some manufacturers try to reduce the backlash by controlling the dimensional precision of the parts, however this causes interference of meshing parts due to dimensional errors, resulting in uneven input torque and noise. Harmonic Planetary gears use a thin wall elastic internal gear which allows a preload of the gear and compensates for interference between meshing parts. The Harmonic Planetary® gear series incorporates this internal gear which maintains low backlash for the life of the speed reducer.
-Low backlash: Less than 3 arc-min (Less than 1 arc-min also available)
-Low gear ratios, 3:1 to 50:1
-High efficiency
-High load capacity by integrating structure with cross roller bearing
-High-torque capacity



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