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RoboRouter™ - Pre-Designed Robotic Trimming Systems

Wolf Robotics

The Wolf Robotics RoboRouter™ systems are predesigned specifically for routing, cutting, & trimming of composite or plastic parts. The RoboRouter™ system is ideal for medium to high volume part families. RoboRouter 100 is designed specifically for parts up to sizes 4' x 4' x 3'. For parts larger than the RR-100 can process, Rimrock has designed the RoboRouter 200 which utilizes an inverted robot for increased working range. The system can be easily adapted with the TrimWare™ HMI package to process additional products, accommodate design changes, or compensate for part variability.

Ideal Composites & Plastics
  • Hand lay up fiberglass
  • RIM composites
  • Thermoformed plastics
  • Rotationally molded plastics
  • Blow molded plastics
  • Among others

Model: RR-100, & RR-200


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