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MPP3 Robot

Yaskawa Motoman

The MPP3 delta-style robot is designed specifically for high-speed picking, packing, cartoning and kitting applications. It is the industry’s highest speed robot. The MPP3 can perform 185 cycles per minute with a 1 kg payload capacity, and up to 150 cycles with a 3 kg payload capacity.

This model features a three-arm configuration with a direct-driven rotary axis to increase reliability at high speeds. Its long arms with shorter-arm radii provide a compact footprint and a deeper reach, while providing a large working envelope. The MPP3 robot has an IP65-rated body, anti-corrosive urethane paint and food grade grease. It has a work envelope of 1,300 mm diameter and 500 mm deep, and repeatability of ±0.1 mm (±0.004”).

The MPP3 is powered by Yaskawa Motoman’s FS100 controller featuring a compact footprint and open software architecture for a wide variety of applications.



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