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EPSON C3-IP67 Compact 6-Axis Robots

EPSON Robots

EPSON C3-IP67 compact 6-axis robots are designed for automation of unwrapped food transportation lines. They are washdown robots for perishable foods and resistant to antiseptic wash. The special surface treatment enables high tolerance to medical solution/ detergent from mild acid to mild alkaline. All axes are IP67-grade waterproof and washable. In perishable food fields, risk management to prevent all kinds of food contamination caused by human intervention is required. By introducing EPSON chemical cleanable robots, you can constantly maintain hygienic product lines. The sanitary design of C3-IP67 robots prevents foreign substances from remaining on the robot arm. The smooth surface makes the robot easy to clean. EPSON C3-IP67 robots feature a compact and slimline design which makes them easy to install into a sealed environment such as inside an isolator. Robot automation can reduce overall costs of operation by reducing the number of production line workers, and rework activities while at the same time improving yields through increased quality and throughput.

Model: EPSON C3-IP67 Compact 6-Axis Robots



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