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IRB 1520ID Arc Welding Robot

ABB Inc.

The new IRB 1520ID from ABB is an attractively priced, high performance addition to ABB’s dedicated arc welding robot family. The IRB 1520ID features internal Axis-1 routing of the welding cabling, a compact swing base, and 30% less weight than the IRB 1600ID, ABB’s premium performance welding robot. The upper arm integrated dressing (ID) design simplifies programming and provides optimum protection for all media, including welding power and wire, shielding gas and pressurized air. This extends hose life by 50% and allows for more flexible movements, such as those needed for single-motion welds around cylindrical objects or weld seams on parts of a complex geometry. The compact base and lower weight, combined with a 1.5m reach and 4kg payload, make the new robot easy to install in a wide range of production configurations, in either floor or invert mount positions.



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