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EPSON C4 and C4L Compact 6-Axis Robots

EPSON Robots

Epson C4-Series Compact 6-Axis Robots

SlimLine Body | Compact Wrist

  • Fast Cycle Times with crisp motion
  • Best in Class Motion Range
  • SlimLine design for maximum flexibility
  • ISO Clean and ESD Compliant Models

The EPSON C4 compact 6-Axis robots continue the tradition of setting new standards for small sized 6-axis robot performance. Our new EPSON C4 design includes a unique compact wrist pitch as well as a SlimLine body elbow design. With outstanding flexibility, EPSON C4 robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces. Our goal was to build a robust robot in a compact shell capable of meeting EPSON's high performance standards. The new EPSON C4 improves on the C3 by now allowing payloads up to 4Kg while also improving on the already fast speeds and cycle times of the C3.

In addition, we extended our C4 lineup by adding the new EPSON C4L robots. The C4L provides all the advantages of the C4 6-axis robots along with additional reach. EPSON C4’s have a maximum reach of 665mm but EPSON C4L’s go all the way up to 965mm (nearly 50% more reach) while maintaining a 4Kg payload.

EPSON C4 cycle times are 0.37 seconds which is faster than many competitors SCARA models. All 6 joints on the C4 are on average 32.4% faster than equivalent competitor models in its' class. The C4's footprint to motion range ratio is in a class by itself and the outstanding flexibility allows EPSON robots to do jobs that other small 6 axis arms simply cannot do (or that take much more cycle time to complete).

How Do We Do It?

Our SlimLine body and compact wrist design enable greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions than comparably sized models. In addition larger motors and superior servo controls allow for fast yet precise motion control which means smoother motion for your next application. In addition, EPSON acceleration/deceleration rates and high performance Epson proprietary servo system provide fast motion on a smooth path.

Industries We Serve

EPSON C4 and C4L compact 6-axis robots are ideally suited for the Lab Automation, Medical, Consumer, Food, Automotive, Electronics, PC Peripheral, Semiconductor, Plastics, Appliance and Aerospace industries. They can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from blood sample handling to DNA testing or from instrument panel assembly to medical instrument kitting. There are tens of thousands of different applications that these robots can handle. Give us a call and let us help you with your next application.

Model: C4 and C4L Compact 6-Axis



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