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  • Robotics Automated Systems Technology A.A.S./Diplo

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Robotics Automated Systems Technology A.A.S./Diplo:
Career Description: Robotic automated systems technicians are an integral part of modern manufacturing firms. Knowledge of robotic programming, flexible manufacturing, CAD systems, industrial communications and overall system integration is essential. Technologies such as new generation robot controllers, sensors, and electrical control systems have created a need for highly specialized training. Career opportunities abound for robotic technicians in the building, repairing, installing, maintaining, and programming, along with problem solving in engineering and design of robotic automated systems. Program Description: The Robotics Automated Systems Technology Program uses a curriculum of technical industry standards set forth by Robotics Industry Association (RIA) along with a strong industrial advisory board made up of industry leaders in the different manufacturing career areas. Our graduates are employed as field service engineering, installation, and engineering technicians, applications programmers and automated systems maintenance technicians. We are the largest robotics automated systems lab in the upper Midwest. Students are trained on the same robots, controllers, and programming languages used by automated manufacturing companies. Program Learning Outcomes Upon program completion students will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge and skills in electrical systems found in the robotics industry. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in mechanical systems found in the robotics industry. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in creating program code found in the robotics industry. Demonstrate professional interpersonal skills as found in the robotics industry. Demonstrate analytical skills in the areas of electrical, mechanical, software, and interpersonal skill sets as needed in the robotics industry.
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