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ETA Preventative Maintenance:
Ellison Technologies Automation provides extensive one and three year maintenance contracts. In addition, we can create custom contracts to meet specific needs. A contract with ET Automation will free the customer’s personnel for normal duties and increase robot longevity and efficiency while decreasing the overall downtime of the system. Robotic maintenance includes:
  • Battery replacement on the CPU and APC.
  • Replenishment/replacement of lubricants, including balancer shaft, reducer and gear box greasing.
  • Supervision and storage of current robot programs (current back-ups). Having current back-ups is very important, and is often overlooked.
  • Verify quick master reference is set and all witness marks are scribed. Too many times the zero degree marks are not there when they are needed to master the robot.
  • Wipe down controller and mechanical unit. Clean all fans and check for proper operation.
  • Check the robot brakes. Document diagnostic information contained in the robot teach pendant.
  • Generate report for customer on status of robot and recommended repairs to be made.
  • Additional devices that can be checked include conveyors, vision systems, welders and computers. Additional devices that can be checked include conveyors, vision systems, welders and computers. *All work is performance by ET Automation’s Robotic Service Engineers*
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