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Repair & Rebuild:
Repair When a part breaks on a robot it can cripple an entire production line, costing money and time. We understand the need for urgency when a problem arises. KC Robotics has the expertise you need when you need it. We can repair on-site or at our Service Center located in West Chester, Ohio. Call us now. 1-800-7ROBOTS 1-800-776-2687 Parts Repair KC Robotics also offers a repair and exchange program for robot parts that allows you to maximize your savings. Receive a credit towards a part purchase when an economically repairable exchange part is sent to KC Robotics with an authorized Return Authorization number. Rebuild For some industrial robots, a full robotic rebuild is necessary to bring it back to life. Our rebuilding process includes: Robot
  • Clean robot.
  • Visually inspect all parts of the robot for damage, flaws and faulty parts.
  • Test O-Rings, pulleys and belts and replace as needed.
  • Check motors.
  • Check and replace cables.
  • Check counterbalance of arm.
  • Adjust gear backlash if needed.
  • Check pivot bearings.
  • Check battery and replace as needed.
  • Paint the robot to client’s preference or to factory colors.
Teach pendant / Controller
  • Clean surface of controller and pendant, visually inspect for any damages.
  • Clean all boards and het exchanges.
  • Check batteries, replace as needed.
  • Clean fans and filters, replace as needed.
  • Check e-stop and hold buttons.
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