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Motor & Critical Spares Management:
The Mission of K+S Services’ Motor and Critical Spares Management program is to maximize the efficiency of production equipment by making available the right part at the right time, in working order and have it available prior to a breakdown or production stoppage. By consolidating and verifying plant inventories, our customers will benefit through inventory reduction and elimination of substandard and non working material. These substandard and non-working items often cause significant and costly downtime. Predictive and preventative measures are designed to deliver cost savings by identifying items that require replacement prior to a catastrophic failure or extended downtime. Motor Management is a cooperative effort between the Customer, Repair Vendor and K+S Services. The goal is to increase uptime through greater reliability and reduce overall cost with a proven, proactive approach to cost containment and predictive/preventative maintenance efforts, as well as to maximize the use of existing inventories by establishing proper In-Service/ Spares ratios, and enforcement of strict repair specifications.
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