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Safety Resources

From The Desk of Our Safety Director – Carole Franklin

National Robot Safety Standard There are more than 1.5 million industrial robots safely operating in factories worldwide, and the robotics industry can take pride in its impressive safety record.  However, like most machines, robots can be dangerous when they are deployed improperly or used carelessly.  For over thirty years, RIA has taken a lead role in assuring that the robotics industry continues to proactively assess the safety environment and provide safety resources as robotic applications continue to expand.

At the forefront of RIA’s leadership role in industrial robot safety is the development of the ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 safety standard.  This standard, which is an adoption of ISO 10218:2011 Parts 1 and 2, provides industry with guidance on the proper use of the safety features embedded into robots, as well as how to safely integrate robots into factories and work areas.  The U.S. Occupational Heath and Safety Administration (OSHA) relies on industry standards such as ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 when determining compliance with applicable safety regulations.

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Along with standard development, RIA also offers safety training and hosts an annual National Robot Safety Conference to provide specific guidance on robot and other machine safety standards.

RIA In-House Safety Training

National Robot Safety Conference


Participate in a Committee!

The Robotic Industries Association sponsors development of ANSI and ISO standards applicable to the robotic industry. Drafting committees are formed for various topics of interest. Participation is open to “anyone with a direct and material interest” in the work being done. Participation is divided into Voting and Associate memberships. Voting members representing companies must have the express backing of their employer to ensure availability to travel and attend scheduled meetings.  SUBMIT APPLICATION

RIA Certified Robot IntegratorRIA Certified Integrators must demonstrate aptitude in deploying safe robot systems.  Refer to the RIA Certified Integrators page if you would like to find an integrator who can assist on your next project.  Also, RIA Member Consultants can be a valuable resource in determining safety compliance on existing robot systems and providing risk assessment and risk mitigation services.  You can locate an RIA Member Consultant using the "Browse By" feature in the upper right corner of Robotics Online.

Do you have a safety question?  Ask the Experts!  Our “Ask the Experts” has a category devoted specifically to safety where questions can be posted, where RIA member organization personnel respond to questions.

Finally, RIA staff is available to answer questions you may have pertaining to industrial robot safety.  Feel free to call 734-994-6088 to speak directly to staff.

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