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Universal Robotics Mixed Depalletizing

Universal Robotics

Universal introduces a breakthrough application – the Universal Robotics Mixed Depalletizer. This application enables a robot to automatically move a number of randomly placed SKUs at typical unloading speeds, regardless of the orientation of the boxes or their packing density.

This solution from Universal uses a suite of 3D sensors that integrates off-the-shelf structured light sensors and pairs of cameras for stereoscopic vision. The standard application unloads/loads one box in any orientation at up to 30 per minute with standard motion control. Whether loosely or tightly packed in partial or full pallets, the cases can be in any orientation. The application dynamically provides 3D guidance to the robot for boxes regardless of labels or shipping tape, whether the cases are flat on a surface or stacked in unlimited number of pallet layers up to 60” high.

This cost effective approach eliminates expensive fixturing and automated tables, and works well under varying light conditions. Optionally, the Mixed Depalletizer can handle up to 3 boxes or cases in any orientation with any combined mix of cases per layer. Optional high-speed servoing can further increase throughput where required.

The flexibility of the Mixed Depalletizer enables a wide range of pallet sizes up to 48” x 48” and 60” high. Stacking of the cases can be tight, loose and random in orientation and order. Layers can be fully packed or partially filled with a variety of box sizes and types. Layers can be homogeneous, mixed within a layer, or each layer have a different case. Boxes can be plain, have a variety of shipping labels, tape and other lettering.



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