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Preventive Maintenance Programs

Lincoln Electric, Automation Division

Preventive Maintenance Programs:

Over a period of time, all equipment requires maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Lincoln Electric has the experience and knowledge to support you in maintaining your equipment from Lincoln Electric, FANUC Robotics and Lincoln Electric fume extraction. In any manufacturing environment, being proactive about maintaining your equipment and protecting your investment extends the life and up time of the products being used. Lincoln Electric programs are designed to ensure our customers are able to keep production running smoothly and efficiently: We offer quarterly service contracts or individual service calls for inspection and repair as required for the following systems:

Robotic System Maintenance Programs: Robot mechanical unit repeatability, lubrication and proper operation Robotic Controller and other electrical devices System operator controls, equipment and robotic pendant Miscellaneous robot safety devices, torches, and cell components Software updates as required

Fume extraction Maintenance Programs: Central Fume Extraction Systems for proper flow Fume Extraction Arm, Push-Pull and Recirculation Units Statiflex® 200-M, 400-MS, 6000, and Multi-Dust Bank Systems LFA 2.0, 3.1, 4.1, 4.1LC, EC2-4 and LTA 2.0 SF2400, 4200 and all central system fan motors



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