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5 Costly Customer Service Mistakes Businesses Make
And How Your Company Can Avoid Them

89% of customers report that they have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. Alternately, a better customer experience will contribute to greater customer loyalty and retention. But how do you define a great customer experience? Dennis Snow, President of Snow & Associates is helping to answer this question by pinpointing 5 Costly Customer Service Mistakes that your business may be making and how your company can avoid them. Dennis is devoted to helping organizations achieve their customer service goals, just as he did for The Walt Disney World Company for over 20 years.

Mistake #1 - Not clearly defining what the customer experience is supposed to be
Your customers go through numerous processes in order to do business with you. It is those processes that are the significant drivers of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, not just the products and services that you provide (even if you have the BEST in the world). Make sure that you take time to look at everything through the lens of the customer!

Mistake #2 - Designing processes for your company's convenience, not your customer's
When scheduling meetings and making appointments, make sure that you focus solely on the convenience of your customer and not on the convenience of your schedule. Imagine if after dealing with your company, customers ask, "Why can't other organizations do it like you do?"

Mistake #3 - Hiring the wrong people
Organizations that hire remarkable employees do not wait until a position opens up before they start looking, they are always on the lookout for potential outstanding employees. Keep the pipeline full - don't rush, don't panic and don't settle!

Mistake #4 - Not making customer service a significant part of new-hire orientation and training
Make sure employees are proud of your organization, they understand the value of what they do, and they understand what is expected. The most important people decision is deciding who to hire. The second most important people decision is deciding who's going to train the new person.

Mistake #5 - Tolerating poor service performance from employees at any level within your organization
Tolerating poor performance hurts our credibility as leaders, it negatively impacts the company and it also has a harmful impact on the other employees. Hold employees accountable for improvement but make sure to recognize them for excellent performance. Remember that intolerable service exists when intolerable service is tolerated.

Dennis SnowHave you made any of these mistakes? Want to hear more tips and best practices from Dennis Snow and other leading business experts? Join us at the A3 Business Forum, in conjunction with the Robotics Industry Forum, January 22-24, 2014 at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek.

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