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Beginner's Guide to Industrial Automation and Robotics Resources

Helpful Resources for People Just Starting Out in Robotics

Below are resources from our website that are not only insightful for all individuals in the industry, but are also great assets for a person just stepping into the world of robotics. Check back often for updates.


Ask the Experts

Have a question about the robotics industry? One of our robotics experts will answer your question. You can also search Q&A threads on the page which may already answer some of your questions.

Visit our Ask the Experts section here.

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Industry Insights

Each month, RIA publishes an article focused on a certain subject in the robotics industry, providing readers with the latest in-depth news and introducing new technologies.

Click here for an archive of the latest articles.

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Other Resources

RIA offers several resources for beginners including the Robot Safety Standard, In-House Safety Training, tradeshows, conferences and workshops.

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Videos and Blogs

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3), RIA’s parent organization, recently launched a website with a video series and blog focused on automation strategies, success stories and lessons learned.

View the videos and read the blog here.

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RIA offers a free webinar series which provides education on the latest technologies in robotics. To see the schedule of upcoming webinars, click here.

RIA also archives past webinars, which can be viewed at any time. To see the list of archived webinars, click here.

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